How to rejuvenate your skin. 14 tips

Skin rejuvenation

The face is our calling card. All of us want to look younger than our age, especially if you are a little older . . . Therefore, the question of how to rejuvenate the skin of the face and body is of interest to everyone or almost everyone.

Here are some helpful tips on how to rejuvenate your skin and look beautiful at any age.

  1. Don't wrinkle your forehead. The habit of wrinkling one's forehead leads to the appearance of wrinkles in young girls too. Just watch yourself. Or ask a friend to punch your forehead as soon as you frown.
  2. The same goes for the entire face. Do not strain your face. Look at that. Relax more often. Don't blink at the sun. Wear dark glasses.
  3. No cosmetic interventions from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. !During this time the skin is closed. Do not go to the beautician at this point, you are simply wasting your money.
  4. When rashes appear on the face and body. Burn a few cloves of garlic. Mix ashes with honey to a pulp. Wipe the acne with this ointment (you can not rub it). After a while, a scab will form on the surface of the pimple. Gently remove it, without rubbing, with a cosmetic disc soaked in urine. And dab again with a clean urine disk.
  5. Wash your face mornings and evenings with a linseed brew.
  6. Do antiaging facial exercises daily. The keyword here is daily, morning and evening, 10-15 minutes in front of the mirror. You can easily find such exercises on the internet.
  7. Regular facial cleansing removes old dead skin cells and rejuvenates them. Light peeling is possible. A mixture of resting coffee and ground oat flakes is suitable for this. If the skin is very sensitive, it is better to only use oatmeal.
  8. It is necessary to clean not only from the outside, but also from the inside. A very simple option is to take small sips of a glass of boiling water once a day for 15 minutes.
  9. Some people use herbal ice cubes to refresh and rejuvenate the face. However, this is contraindicated for skin prone to rosacea.
  10. Algae mask is a wonderful remedy for wrinkles. as proof - the hands of Chinese women who work with algae look young even in old age.
  11. Massage the active points on the face with rejuvenating essential oils - jasmine, verbena or rose.
  12. Neroli essential oil smoothes wrinkles, revitalizes tired, sagging skin, helps eliminate acne, skin problems in adolescence, PMS, pregnancy and menopause. Neroli can be added to cream, mask, toner, shampoo, and hair balm.
  13. For aging skin, use creams enriched with vitamins and plant extracts. Do masks 1-2 times a week.
  14. It is important - proper nutrition + active physical activity + fresh air. Well, you know that yourself.

How to rejuvenate your skin with masks

  • Protein - honey - bearberry mask. . . Heat 1 tablespoon of honey until runny. Add the whipped egg whites and 1 tablespoon of oatmeal. The mask has a good effect on wrinkled, sagging, sagging skin.
  • Yeast mask. . . 15-20 g of yeast are diluted with water until the sour cream is thick. Apply to the skin. For oily skin, we dilute the yeast with water, for dry skin - with milk or vegetable oil.
  • Rejuvenating mummy mask.Dissolve 1 g of mummy in 100 g of boiling water. Clean the skin beforehand. Relax. Moisten a thin layer of cotton wool in the mummy solution and apply it to the face. Do not hold the mask for more than 2 minutes. This mask cleanses, nourishes and refreshes the skin.