Laser facial skin rejuvenation: reviews, prices, contraindications to the procedure

Facial rejuvenation with laser

It is fashionable to be young and healthy in the 21st century.

Modern apparatus medicine and its most feminine component - cosmetics - offer many methods for restoring youth in the face and body.

And today it is no longer necessary to suffer under the surgeon's knife for this.

Laser rejuvenation is one of the newest and most effective methods of making your skin beautiful as it was when it was young.

Laser facial rejuvenation offered by beauticians will become an effective assistant in the fight against age-related changes such as wrinkles, age spots and blood vessels that appear through the skin, as well as other signs of aging.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation, types

Beauty salons today offer different types of such procedures.

These are laser-deep skin rejuvenation (5-6 procedures for 2-3 weeks without rehabilitation period), laser fractional rejuvenation (1-3 sessions with a rehabilitation period of 3-4 days) and laser treatment (1-3 procedures) with postoperative time up to 7Days during which the laser-treated skin "disappears".

At any age, laser facial rejuvenation helps to even out the complexion and solve the problem of large pores.

The result is skin with a uniform color, soft and velvety appearance and touch without pigmentation and spider veins.

Age wrinkles and circles under the eyes disappear, the pores narrow, the oval of the face becomes even and youthfully tight.

And all of this - without surgery with its many side effects and unnecessary stress on the body.

If you've carefully studied the reviews of various resources, you will find that laser facial rejuvenation receives the most positive reviews from people of different ages and with completely different cosmetic problems.

How to choose a salon for laser facial rejuvenation

how to choose a salon for laser skin rejuvenation

Since its appearance on the domestic market, laser facial rejuvenation has received good reviews as it is performed by qualified dermatologists using modern medical equipment.

Cosmetological laser systems work with laser waves of different lengths, which enables a complex but selective effect on the facial skin and causes the necessary rejuvenation processes in different skin layers.

In different salons for laser facial rejuvenation, prices vary depending on the equipment used and the qualifications of the specialist.

When choosing where to perform laser facial skin rejuvenation, read the reviews not only on the internet, but also directly in the salon's review book.

Make sure the book contains real entries from real customers.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation: before and after the procedure

After you have decided on the place where you want to rejuvenate the skin of the face with the laser, do not forget that the success of the procedure also depends on you and your discipline and responsibility in preparing the body for it.

And since the prices for laser facial rejuvenation are quite high, you should try to maximize the success of the process.

exclude sun exposure 2-3 weeks before the procedure, use drugs that increase the skin's sensitivity to light, lubricate your face with moisturizers, preferably with vitamin C.

Laser facial rejuvenation before and after

Avoid foods that cause allergies and watch out for herpes worsening (even prevention is possible) if this is a problem for you.

After the process:

  • Also pay attention to direct sunlight, do not sunbathe;
  • Use sunscreen with high protection;
  • Do not take any drugs that increase the skin's sensitivity to light.
  • do not visit places such as sauna, bathhouse, pool;
  • lubricate your face with a special ointment.

Please clarify all of these questions with the dermatologist who will perform the procedure and follow all his recommendations carefully.

And then your laser facial rejuvenation has the most positive reviews.

Are there any contraindications for laser facial rejuvenation?

Yes, there are contraindications.

Hence, the best cosmetic and cosmetic establishments must have a highly qualified dermatologist on their staff to help the patient determine both the possibility of performing the laser facial rejuvenation procedure and the optimal rejuvenation program with a laser.

This also serves as the basis for determining the price of the laser facial rejuvenation procedure for each customer individually.

Regarding contraindications, laser facial rejuvenation is categorically contraindicated if you suffer from the following diseases:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy;
  • acute infectious diseases, inflammations and chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • skin problems on the face;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • any benign or malignant tumor.
Contraindications for laser skin rejuvenation

Laser facial rejuvenation is not performed on pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. A contraindication to the procedure is chemical peeling and natural tanning or after a solarium on the face. After both, your skin should rest for at least two weeks.

Before signing up for your procedure, make sure that you have not recently taken any photosensitive medication. These include sulfonamides, tetracycline antibiotics, antipsychotics, and fluoroquinolones.

A doctor who should work in a beauty salon knows the full range of substances. Be sure to ask him about it.