Non-ablative laser rejuvenation

Girls after non-ablative skin rejuvenation

To combat wrinkles of different depths, both superficial and deep, we use a wide range of equipment designed and manufactured in a world-famous Israeli company.

Due to the specific characteristics of the action of each laser on the skin, the specialists in our clinic choose the optimal type of rejuvenation in each individual case, taking into account the localization of the problem, age and other features.

The latest method to improve the condition of the skin with the innovative ClearSkin 1540 Nm and ClearSkin 1540 Nm in-motion tips (Fractional non-ablative Er: Glass 1540 nm erbium laser).

The effect of the procedure is achieved through the possibility of injecting it into the skin at a depth of up to 2 mm. many microthermal healing zones. The depth of exposure only affects the most important layer of the skin - the dermis, without damaging the surface layer - the epidermis.

The main components of the dermis are collagen and elastin, they serve as the skeleton of the skin and give the skin firmness, firmness and elasticity. The diameter of the laser beam is less than 100 microns (200-250 microns on other laser systems), which ensures minimal exposure of the top layer of skin. The laser beam literally penetrates the epidermis (the top layer of skin) without damaging it, and the skin's elastic properties allow you to close the top layer immediately after the procedure!

Therefore, the rehabilitation is very short and comfortable!

The moment the laser beam acts on the deep layers of the skin, old collagen and excess pigment are destroyed. After the procedure, intensive processes of cell regeneration are set in motion and instead of the old skin damaged by the laser, a zone of completely new young tissue is created. The advantage over other lasers is that the skin does not have to spend time on the long-term healing of the top layer, the activation of the skin's natural internal resources begins immediately, which allows you to achieve excellent results in several sessions.

The latest method to improve the condition of the skin with the innovative ClearLift 4D attachments (fractional non-ablative Q-switched laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm).

Upon reaching the skin layer, the Q-Switched 1064 nm laser creates a photoacoustic effect similar to a micro-explosion, at the point of this effect a tissue thinning point forms, defective dermis structures are broken open and this area is then filled with new, full-fledged molecules. In a flash, 25 point areas are formed, between which there is intact dermis tissue, which is the source of the remodeling.

In addition, this whole process is absolutely painless, and a light, barely perceptible warmth has a relaxing effect. The Q-Switched 1064 nm laser penetrates the skin to a depth of 3 to 5 mm, which means that the procedure can also be used safely on thin areas of skin. Since the top layer of skin - the epidermis - remains intact, the skin looks presentable immediately after the procedure and on the following days, the effect builds up within 1. 5 months, which is the time necessary for new collagen to form.

application areas

  • Decrease in skin tone, its elasticity, firmness;
  • Acne, post acne;
  • the presence of stretch marks (stretch marks);
  • enlarged pores;
  • Age spots, melasma (including age-related changes), hyperpigmentation;
  • Wrinkles (expression and age) of varying intensity;
  • Scars, scars (post-traumatic, burns, post-operative);
  • Elastosis;
  • Signs of aging on the neck, arms, chest, face;
  • solar keratosis.


  • oncological diseases;
  • Psoriasis, herpes, atopic dermatitis, eczema;
  • inflammation at the treatment site;
  • chronic or infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • Blood diseases;
  • Cardiovascular failure.

Laser treatment is also not recommended:

  1. For women during breastfeeding, pregnancy and after prolonged exposure to the sun and solarium visits.
  2. Laser therapy should be postponed after mechanical dermabrasion or chemical peel (deep, medium) performed less than 2 months ago.