Hardware cosmetology for facial rejuvenation: reviews, types of procedures, recommendations

As recently as 20-30 years ago, facial surgery was the only reliable way to deal with age-related changes. Then came the time of fillers and botox. All of these techniques, despite some advantages, have disadvantages. Fortunately, new ways to extend adolescence are constantly being discovered. The skin can be firm, fresh and healthy even without injections. This has been successfully proven by the hardware cosmetology for face rejuvenation. Reviews from numerous patients confirm this fact.

Hardware skin rejuvenation

Hardware cosmetics

Hardware techniques are a new step in the evolution of cosmetics. They allow you to get rid of many blemishes quickly and painlessly and to significantly rejuvenate the skin. All procedures are carried out using special equipment. And the desired result is achieved through the action of ultrasound, cold, vibration, vacuum or electric waves.

Hardware methods are becoming more popular every year. Patients who tried these unique techniques share their impressions on the Internet and leave positive reviews. Hardware facial rejuvenation cosmetology is able to deal with pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and acne spots. In addition, it is able to tighten the skin, tighten the oval, increase collagen production and correct flights. We can say that the indication for the procedure is the patient's desire to maintain youth and improve the condition of the skin.

Hardware rejuvenation methods can be divided into two types:

  1. Ablative. The integrity of the skin is compromised during the procedure.
  2. Non-ablative. The integrity of the skin is not compromised.

A dermatologist should choose the most appropriate hardware rejuvenation method. The result depends largely on the qualification of the specialist and the quality of the equipment.

Choosing a clinic or salon must be careful. It is recommended to focus on the reviews and recommendations of friends who have seen a positive result when using hardware cosmetics. The equipment must have all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Laser biorevitalization for rejuvenation

The following devices are used for interventions in clinics and salons:

  1. Phonophoresis.
  2. Microdermabrasion device.
  3. HF lifting.
  4. Ultrasonic scrubber.
  5. Derma pen.
  6. Galvanotherapy device.
  7. Darsonval.
  8. Device for microcurrent therapy.
  9. Meso injectors.

Special cosmetic combinations are often used in salons. Only one such device can perform around 20 different procedures.

Patient age

The term "hardware rejuvenation" does not mean that the procedures only solve the problems of mature skin. It all depends on the condition of the epidermis. Young people can also use cosmetic devices to remove pigment spots, cleanse and tighten pores. Aging interventions should be carried out at the age of 25. They are mainly used to moisturize and restore the skin.

After 35 years, wilting processes start to run faster. At this age, the skin is said to be mature. Now, more aggressive hardware cosmetology techniques are needed to rejuvenate the face. Reviews from cosmetologists show that the best results are obtained with RF lifting, fractional laser, and microcurrent therapy.

Fractional rejuvenation

Fractional laser is able to slow down skin aging. During the procedure, it acts on the skin in a dosed manner. A special attachment divides a laser beam into many small ones. This causes a fractional effect (as if through a sieve) on the epidermis.

Laser rays leave micro-damage on the skin. This stimulates the cells of the epidermis to produce collagen and elastin. It is these two materials that provide skin turgor.

Fractional laser provides excellent lifting. This is confirmed by numerous reviews. The laser facial rejuvenation procedure eliminates atonic flaccidity, sagging ovals, wrinkles, vascular networks, stretch marks and scars. In addition, it tightens the pores and removes pigment spots.

Oval correction of radio waves

In recent years, a procedure called an RF face lift has become increasingly popular. What it is is of interest to many women who are looking for effective ways to fight aging. RF lifting is a method of skin tightening and rejuvenation using radio frequency. The method appeared in cosmetics about 15 years ago.

Ultrasonic phonophoresis for skin rejuvenation

Due to the action of radio waves, the deep layers of the epidermis are heated to a temperature of 43 degrees. When exposed to heat, the fabrics shrink and the fibers contract. This improves the skin tone and creates a lifting effect.

The increased temperature and the electric field stimulate the cells to produce more elastin and collagen. Thanks to the new fibers, a framework is formed that is characteristic of a young dermis.

The radio wave lifting provides an immediate lifting effect of the face and neck, eliminates wrinkles and slackness and restores elasticity. The result achieved lasts three years. In addition, the formation of new wrinkles is significantly slowed down.

Ultrasonic lifting

Ultrasound works on the same principle as radio waves in a procedure like the RF facelift. What it is is described above. The main difference is the depth of effect. Ultrasound is able to get where radio waves don't hit. It affects the deepest layers of the skin.

It cannot be said with certainty which method is more effective. Ultrasound lifting is suitable for some patients. The skin of others is more responsive to radio waves. Therefore, the decision on the method of rejuvenation should be made by the doctor.

Ultrasound stimulation heats the inner layers of the skin. This speeds up the metabolism in the tissue, removes toxins and produces collagen. And the microcirculation of the blood also increases.

Microcurrent therapy

The benefits of a weak pulse current to the body have long been known. This method is successfully used by physical therapists to relieve pain associated with urolithiasis, cholecystitis and other pathologies. Modern beauticians also use microcurrent effects to improve the condition of the skin. The popularity of this method is constantly growing.

Microcurrent therapy for skin rejuvenation

The microcurrent facial therapy procedure is recommended for easy modeling of the oval and to maintain muscle tone. It is completely painless. The patient may feel a slight tingling sensation while the beautician moves a special nozzle over the massage lines of the face.

Electrical impulses promote cell regeneration and the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid proteins. They remove metabolic products and toxins, improve blood circulation. They also tighten the skin.

After the procedure, the face becomes noticeably younger. The result lasts six months. Much depends on the initial condition and the characteristics of the patient's skin.

Mesotherapy without injections

You can rejuvenate your skin without injections. Doctors found it possible to deliver nutrients and moisturizers into the deep layers of the dermis in a non-invasive way. This procedure is called mesotherapy without injection. This is another effective hardware technique for facial rejuvenation.

The procedure allows you to cope with the following problems:

  1. Loose and dry skin.
  2. Hyperpigmentation.
  3. Wrinkles.
  4. Earthy complexion.
  5. Loss of elasticity.
  6. Couperose.
  7. Swelling.
  8. Enlarged pores.

In order to bring the active ingredients of the rejuvenation cocktail deep into the skin, it is necessary to increase the permeability of the epidermal cells. This can be done with weak electrical pulses or an infrared laser. The result is visible after the first procedure. It takes eight to ten months.


With the dosed cooling of the tissue, you can solve many problems caused by the processes of skin aging. This effective method has been adopted by professionals in aesthetic medicine. Hardware facial cryotherapy can help you get rid of edema, wrinkles, age spots, and scars. In addition, the oval is restored and the skin color is improved.

Liquid nitrogen is used for the process. Its temperature reaches minus 195 degrees. The substance for the facial cryomassage is supplied via a special hose reservoir with various attachments. The duration of the procedure does not exceed 10 minutes.

Photo rejuvenation

High intensity pulsed light for facial rejuvenation is relatively new. It was originally used for photoepilation. Over time, beauticians noticed that in those places where it is exposed to pulsed light, an improvement in the condition of the skin is observed: pigment spots disappear, spider veins become less noticeable. It also smooths out wrinkles. Immediately thereafter, a facial rejuvenation method was developed.

Laser photo rejuvenation of the skin of the face

The phototherapy ensures a dosed warming of the dermis. It acts on your papillary layer. This increases the intensity of biochemical processes in the skin such as neocollagenogenesis.

Phototherapy is one of the most effective hardware facial rejuvenation procedures. After just a few sessions, the deepest wrinkles are smoothed, an oval is outlined and the wrinkles are tightened. The course consists of four to eight procedures. The result after photo rejuvenation lasts for six months.

Ultrasonic liposuction on the face

As a result of being overweight, flies and a double chin can occur even in young girls. In addition, nasolabial folds become clearer. All of this deforms the lower part of the face. It also adds a few extra years visually.

The removal of fat deposits allows the face to return to its original characteristics. This can be done using ultrasonic liposuction. It only destroys fat cells and does not affect other tissues.

During the procedure, the doctor makes several thin pricks. There are no scars and scars. The swelling subsides completely within five days.

Ultrasonic liposuction is one of the best hardware facial rejuvenation procedures as it can solve the problem of sagging cheeks and a blurry oval as well as a double chin. In addition, the procedure stimulates the formation of collagen fibers, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

Hardware cosmetology at home

A modern woman is able to independently care for her skin and keep it from fading. Home cosmetics for the face help her with this. Many procedures can be performed without the help of a dermatologist. All that is required for high quality care is choosing the right cosmetic device.

For home use, you can purchase:

  1. Microcurrent stimulation devices.
  2. Vacuum pore cleaner.
  3. An ultrasound machine that can treat wrinkles.
  4. RF wave device that improves oval shape.
  5. Laser device for skin rejuvenation.
  6. Devices for performing light, ozone and ion therapy.
Laser skin rejuvenation device

The use of home cosmetic equipment does not require any special skills. Everything you need to know is detailed in the guide. We must not forget about contraindications.

Contraindications to hardware cosmetics

The most important thing for aesthetic medicine is safety. Patients who choose hardware cosmetology may not be afraid of anesthesia and a long period of rehabilitation. Such procedures minimize the risk of side effects and medical errors. This is confirmed by the reviews.

Hardware cosmetology for facial rejuvenation should not be used only in some cases. Contraindications are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast feeding period.
  2. Malignant neoplasms.
  3. The presence of a pacemaker.
  4. Pathology of the heart.
  5. Autoimmune diseases.
  6. Kidney and liver pathologies.


Hardware techniques for facial rejuvenation are becoming increasingly popular. This is evidenced by the reviews of beauticians and their patients. Women who have completed a full course of hardware rejuvenation say that their face is visually rejuvenated by five to ten years. In patients, the oval is tightened, the nasolabial folds become less noticeable, and the pigmentation disappears. In addition, the skin becomes firm and hydrated.

Photo before and after laser facial skin rejuvenation

Another advantage of hardware cosmetology is noted in the patient's answers - the lack of long rehabilitation. There is no need to take sick leave. You can go about your usual activities immediately after the procedure.

Our outstanding recommendations and basic guidelines for skin care

Systematic care of the skin of the body and hands will allow you to maintain its elasticity and suppleness and avoid the appearance of ugly stretch marks, wrinkles or age spots. It is necessary to apply a nourishing cream, use special products, use massages and simple exercises.

Skin care for hands, neck, chest, stomach and thighs should be systematic, only daily care will lead to the long-awaited results and allow you to enjoy its radiance, suppleness and suppleness.

Light peeling with homemade masks protects it from dryness, peeling and gives a radiant appearance. Soft, firm and firm skin all over the body underlines the youth, the healthy appearance and the beauty of every woman. It is very important to properly care for them, use various means and do special exercises.

Skincare Creme

General guidelines for body and hand care

There are some important rules that every woman must strictly follow. They relate to skin hygiene, keeping clean, using various products, and doing gymnastics. Here are some important body care recommendations and rules to maintain skin elasticity and suppleness:

  • every day you need to cleanse the skin by showering with gels, scrubs and foams suitable for their type.
  • it is necessary to independently massage, stroke, knead or pinch certain parts of the body;
  • it is necessary to apply the cream in the morning and evening, keeping in mind the expiration date and composition.
  • in order to maintain elasticity, you need to do special exercises that will help get rid of cellulite and sagging skin.
  • the daily menu should contain protein foods, vegetable and fruit dishes, meat or fish, cereals;
  • Bathing procedures, swimming, sports, walks have a good influence.

Skin care should begin with morning exercises, a contrast shower and, not to forget, the use of nourishing cream and milk.

Dry skin cannot be washed with soap, for oily skin you need to buy a scrub with clay. It is better to apply and wash off the gel with a massage glove, and then rub the entire body with a thick terry towel.

Recommendations for caring for rough and dry hands

The greatest annoyance for well-groomed women in every season is dry skin on the back of the hands, reddened by frost, fingers that are hardened from gardening, with calluses and cracks. Proper care of dry hand skin helps to avoid these annoying phenomena, to soften, moisturize and to touch them gently. Here are the basic guidelines for getting rid of dry skin on your hands:

  • while washing your palms with soap or gel, do a light massage and stroke the skin with gentle movements.
  • You can only apply the cream when the skin is completely dry so that it is better absorbed;
  • in case of frost, you need to wear gloves, smear your palms with a protective cream;
  • It is not recommended to keep your hands in the water for a long time.
  • The cream should be oily, nourishing or moisturizing day and night.

Rules for caring for the skin of the neck, chest

Caring for the skin of the body in such delicate, sensitive areas as the neck and chest requires compliance with certain rules. Here are the most basic:

  • it is necessary to do a massage with warm palms, but it is forbidden to stretch, pinch and strongly crush the skin.
  • when washing in the shower, you just need to use gel, scrubs and scrubs for the chest are not used.
  • Gently dry your neck and chest with a terry towel and then apply a greasy moisturizer or nourishing cream, milk.
  • Massage movements should caress, shower - contrasting;
  • once a week you can make a moisturizing mask using commercially available products or natural recipes from herbs, products and oils.
  • Be sure to wear a comfortable bra, avoid tight, tight clothing and rigid collars.

Tips for caring for the skin of the abdomen

The skin on the stomach is not as sensitive as on the face or chest. It is more elastic and can be stretched a lot during pregnancy. Because of this, many women develop stretch marks, sagging scars. Care of the abdominal skin should be carried out according to the following rules:

  • sharp weight loss or gain leads to stretching of the skin, its sagging, it is necessary to monitor body weight, gradually lose weight;
  • pregnant women need to use special creams, wear a bandage and a belt;
  • in the shower you need to massage the abdomen with scrubs, herbal ointments, masks with clay, sea salt and honey.
  • Massage movements should be painless, tingling, rubbing, stroking clockwise, gathering the skin in folds;
  • Anti-cellulite or drainage gels help warm the skin, remove excess fluid from the cells;
  • It is necessary to take a contrast shower, apply cream to stretch marks, rub the stomach with a hard towel or massage glove, brush.

Rules for caring for the skin of the thighs and buttocks

The rules for caring for the skin of the body on the thighs, buttocks and lower back do not differ from general recommendations. It is necessary to use special hygiene and care products, massage. Here are some helpful tips for those looking for smooth thighs and toned, toned buttocks:

  • it is necessary to use anti-cellulite creams with a warming or cooling effect;
  • You should take a contrast shower, alternating the temperature of the water and its pressure;
  • massage should be done with strong movements, with pinching, rubbing, clapping;
  • You can not gain weight or lose weight sharply, sit still for a long time;
  • You can not do without exercises on the hips and buttocks - they need to be done daily;
  • You should drink plenty of clean water, exercise, ride bikes, swim, dance.
Foot care

Foot and heel care

Smooth heels and feet look aesthetically pleasing, allow wearing open-toe shoes, do not hesitate to go barefoot. Caring for the heels is peeling, softness and cleanliness. Every evening you need to apply a moisturizing or emollient cream to your feet, do massage baths with herbs and sea salt. So that the heels are always smooth, not cracked or injured, you need:

  • to clean them very carefully with a pumice stone, it is often not advisable;
  • do not forget to wash your feet with warm water every day;
  • Apply a greasy nourishing cream every day, use an anti-sweat spray;
  • wear only clean, dry shoes and socks, avoid contamination;
  • if corns or calluses appear, they cannot be cut off and an infection can get into the wound.

All of these fairly simple personal care procedures must be performed systematically. Even if your arms or thighs look smooth and your stomach is tight, there is no need for massages, contrast showers, and scrubs. The effect of the care must be constant so that it remains elastic, silky and very soft to the touch.