Advantages and disadvantages of a home facelift

With age, the skin of the face becomes unsightly, loses its elasticity and freshness, this also happens due to a violation of the hormonal background of the body or external damage to the surface. A way out of the situation can be a facelift - a procedure that provides for the correction of acquired deficiencies in an operative or superficial way.

before and after skin rejuvenation and tightening

A facelift helps women who are afraid of age-related or other skin changes to restore self-confidence.

What is a facelift?

The tightening ensures a comprehensive adjustment of the upper layers of the skin, whereby the treated areas are rejuvenated and refreshed. Depending on how the procedure is carried out, the tightening can be performed surgically or non-surgically.

Serious problems require surgical intervention, which varies in complexity.

  • A traditional cervicofacial face lift consists of pulling the upper skin without altering or affecting the internal tissues. This option is suitable for removing fine wrinkles and correcting minor blemishes;
  • Deep lifting (SMAS lifting) - is a full-fledged operation in which several incisions are made, followed by the removal of excess tissue;
  • Endoscopic surgery is performed using modern technology. In this case, tissue compression is performed from the inside using a miniature video camera embedded under the skin from the side of the scalp. This method avoids large incisions, which shortens the recovery time after the procedure.

Non-surgical face-lift skin rejuvenation techniques have become increasingly common in recent years because they are practically painless, relatively affordable, and with no particular contraindications. Non-surgical skin tightening uses:

  • serums - convenient for use at home, as they are equipped with a fixing dispenser (to save money), differ in the speed of action and practically have no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of the components;
  • deep penetrating masks - can be made from natural ingredients or contain synthetic materials;
  • Lifting creams - in most cases, they are used at night, as they exclude the simultaneous use of other cosmetics.

Non-surgical skin tightening agents are commercially available so there will be no difficulty in purchasing them. Everyone has the opportunity to use such drugs at home.

Applying a firming and rejuvenating cream

Homemade formulations made from natural ingredients help to noticeably tighten and refresh the skin without going to a beauty salon.

How do you do a facelift at home?

Along with the salon techniques, there is now an easier and safer way to have a face lift while applicable at home. Modern beauticians have developed many skin care products that have a regenerating, firming and wrinkled skin, but there is no need to use expensive in-store cosmetics at all. Homemade natural herbal masks can boast of no less effective result.

A home facelift consists of applying lifting masks and using homemade lotions and balms to care for sensitive skin. We present the simplest and most effective formulas for home cooking.

  • A cucumber mask helps tighten dry skin, for which you need a heavily whipped egg white and a pureed mass of ½ ripe cucumber without skin and seeds. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the resulting mass and mix thoroughly. In addition to eliminating wrinkles and smoothing the oval of the face, such a remedy will reduce the appearance of age spots. For the most effective result possible, the mask should be used 1-2 times a week for half a month or longer.
  • A universal remedy for all skin types is a dill composition that includes a spoonful of crushed fresh dill, a spoonful of oatmeal, and half a spoonful of olive oil. The mass is applied with a brush for 20-30 minutes, and then washed off with cold water. It is advisable to repeat the process every week.
  • The honey mask perfectly stimulates blood vessels to smooth wrinkles and balance tone. If you are not allergic to this component, you can have your face tightened at home within a few days. You need egg whites, beaten with a spoon of oatmeal, a tablespoon of melted honey is added to the stirred composition. The mass is stirred and applied warm to the skin for about a quarter of an hour. Rinse with water without soap.

These are the simplest and most effective recipes, but other formulations exist so that everyone can choose the best care for their skin.

Facial massage for skin tightening and rejuvenation

Pamper your skin with a massage - and you will reward it with a wonderful look.

Massage at home

In addition to masks and balms, you can pamper your skin with such a pleasant procedure as a massage. In combination with cosmetics, it helps to carry out a facelift independently. The main thing in this business is to use the correct technique and perform the procedures in a certain order.

  • First of all, it is important to monitor hygiene - you need to wash your face thoroughly with running water, having previously cleaned it from cosmetics, and wash your hands with soap and water.
  • In the preparatory phase, the skin is treated with a soft cream (you can use a regular baby cream or choose a cream for sensitive skin). Failure to do so can stretch the delicate skin, causing bruising and swelling.
  • We warm the skin of the face with massage movements in the direction from the nose to the temples, all movements should be carried out exclusively with the fingertips without strong pressure.
  • The next step will be to massage the forehead area - from the eyebrows up, then to the sides.
  • Now you can move on to the chin. It needs to be smoothed from the middle part to the sides. Don't forget about the earlobes, they can also be included in the massage process.
  • The procedure is completed by stroking the back of the hand in the submandibular zone.

It is not difficult to do such a massage at home, the whole process will take no more than 15 minutes and you will see the effects after a week.

In addition to massage, simple exercises for stretching the skin do not interfere, they can be performed throughout the day. Not only will this help strengthen the face, but it will also allow the "numb" skin cells to "stretch".

  • To strengthen the skin on the neck and chin, you should regularly pronounce the sounds "I" and "U" for 1-2 minutes, always undressed and with tension.
  • Exercise with air will help you perform a visual face lift. You should draw air through your nose and close your lips tightly, inflate your cheeks until they stop, hold in that state for 5-7 seconds, and suddenly let air out through your mouth.
  • With your mouth wide open, try to reach the chin with the tip of your tongue, this exercise develops muscle strength and forms an oval.

As you can see, there are no difficulties with these recommendations, so you can follow them at home without much difficulty. And regular exercise will help you keep your face in shape, which means you will keep your body's natural beauty and youth for a longer period of time.